Month: June 2016

Word from the Founder and CEO

Allie Hilmer is the founder and CEO of ZippyCrowd. Today she’s a strong and successful businesswoman, but her life hasn’t always been easy. This is the story about how she worked her way up to become the person she wanted to be. This is how she made ZippyCrowd happen.

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How to write a business plan and not go mad

Share with friends:Business plan is generally the last thing on a creative person’s mind. My wife is a passionate entrepreneur, dedicated and hard-working. What I particularly like about her is her ability to think differently and see things that most of us do not. Like how to connect people. Or, better still, who to connect. Like many other budding entrepreneurs though, she suffers from a writer’s block when it comes to putting together those basic business documents that many experienced corporate people take for granted. Sales plans, contracts, business and financial documents are nightmare material for her. Many hours later (and an...

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