Month: August 2016

5 Tips From a Successful Restaurant Owner

With all the available tech apps and smart gadgets, it has never been easier to start a business. You can literally get started with a smartphone and a credit card. Making business successful however requires much more. It takes skills, guts, drive and the understanding that success does not just happen overnight. Behind every successful business there’s always a story of passion, determination and survival.

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We regret to inform you that your job has been made redundant.

“Would you have 5 minutes to step into my office please?”, my manager asked politely. I obliged, of course. “Please sit down. I want you to understand that what I will say now is in no way reflection on your skills or performance, but only a result of the company restructure.” (what??!) “Unfortunately, your position has been made redundant.” (kaboom!!).

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Chat with James Kyd: Becoming a founder

Building up your career as a startup founder and an entrepreneur can be challenging, especially if you’ve just got yourself started and don’t know the steps you should take or the person you should approach for advice. To talk about these matters we met with James Kyd, an expert on disruptive innovation, who shared with us some insights.

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