Month: September 2016

How to hack your first job

Let’s face it, looking for a job sucks. Especially if it is your first job. Most of us have no idea what we want to do and it is quite likely that the job you will end up doing in the future does not even exist today. As a recent grad you will inevitably find yourself in a catch-22 situation: you need work experience to get your first job, but you can’t get the experience without landing a job!

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5 stunning resume designs

Word Documents are so 90s. For years most of us have been writing everything in MS Word. Take a look at your CV for example – I bet it’s done in Word, mainly because this has been the expectation of employers and recruiters to suit their in-house systems. Well, future of work is changing, and it’s all about digital. While you are considering other more creative tools like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, to boost your chances of landing a job take a look at these awesome resume designs and do something creative with yours too!

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6 tips to stop you feeling like an impostor

Feeling like you don’t belong completely sucks. Everyone’s felt it one way or another. But the workplace fraud trap can be a completely different beast, with seemingly more at stake. You may have just received a promotion (congrats!), or started a job in a new industry (how exciting!). Whatever your story, you’re likely reading this because you’re feeling in over your head and have been taken hostage by what’s commonly referred to as the Impostor Syndrome.

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Motorcycles of the Future: Meet DESAV 2 Founder Dennis Savic

Just a few years ago any startup trying to take on the automotive industry would be laughed at. The latest technologies, however, threaten to bring disruption even to that seemingly untouchable sector. Self-driving cars, electrification of vehicles, new ranges of sensor technologies and improved algorithms are the driving force behind it.

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