Author: Mario Balen

Why robots won’t take my job.

A few weeks ago we published an article titled Robots Are Coming: Is Your Job On The Hit List? It spells out the long held and promoted idea by the IT / robotization buffoons that Robots are out there to get us – us, humans, that is.

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Motorcycles of the Future: Meet DESAV 2 Founder Dennis Savic

Just a few years ago any startup trying to take on the automotive industry would be laughed at. The latest technologies, however, threaten to bring disruption even to that seemingly untouchable sector. Self-driving cars, electrification of vehicles, new ranges of sensor technologies and improved algorithms are the driving force behind it.

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We regret to inform you that your job has been made redundant.

“Would you have 5 minutes to step into my office please?”, my manager asked politely. I obliged, of course. “Please sit down. I want you to understand that what I will say now is in no way reflection on your skills or performance, but only a result of the company restructure.” (what??!) “Unfortunately, your position has been made redundant.” (kaboom!!).

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Startup Tips: How to Register a Company

Share with friends:   The recent years have seen an unprecedented number of new companies starting in Australia. It is a widely held view that the millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation so far. The Federal Government keeps talking up innovation and entrepreneurship, both in their speeches and through their policies supporting new initiatives and technologies.  You have an idea and you want to register a company So, assuming you have a great startup idea, you know what problem your startup is solving, and you have some (regardless how small) budget to back it up with, the first next...

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How to write a business plan and not go mad

Share with friends:Business plan is generally the last thing on a creative person’s mind. My wife is a passionate entrepreneur, dedicated and hard-working. What I particularly like about her is her ability to think differently and see things that most of us do not. Like how to connect people. Or, better still, who to connect. Like many other budding entrepreneurs though, she suffers from a writer’s block when it comes to putting together those basic business documents that many experienced corporate people take for granted. Sales plans, contracts, business and financial documents are nightmare material for her. Many hours later (and an...

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