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Entrepreneurship is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Starting a business is challenging, and it takes hard work, passion, drive and lots of coffee to get it off the ground. Whether you’re already in business, or looking to start a side hustle, it helps to see others in the same game, learn what they are working on, and how their journey is paved.

Every month we bring into the spotlight an entrepreneur who thrives on challenges, risk, passion, ideas, innovation and impact. Meet Ed Laurence, a passionate engineering innovator, inventor, and the guy behind a number of cool apps and products. Ed talks automation, robots & AI, and relentlessly creates and builds new products in that space.

About a month ago Ed won a Tech Scholarship and started working with the Founder Institute in Melbourne to get some support and direction on his new projects.  For those who are not familiar with the Founder Institute – it is essentially a global launch accelerator for entrepreneurs,  tech startups and companies (more details in our earlier article )

Currently Ed is going through the process of validating three separate businesses. Here is a sneak peak into what Ed is working on – in his own words…

#1 Battle of the Bots

“Personally, I like this idea and I’ve already checked the tech works.  It’s a web service to help online communities (forums, marketplaces, dating sites) reduce the impact of fake users using social media analytics.  We do the screening when signing up to a community.  It’s quick and doesn’t impact on your data privacy.

It appeals to me because I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with these issues either personally or through business and it addresses a core problem with the way in which people interact on the net.  Anonymity has its place but if facilitates negative interactions when abused.

I liken it to the road-rage phenomenon where an angry motorist will swear and flip-the-bird from the safety of their car but shrink into their seat when they pull up next to their victim at the lights…”

#2 Beauty and the (Marketing) Beast

Beauty and the marketing beast

“An app to help those who regularly spend money on cosmetic treatments evaluate the products they use by visually logging their effectiveness.  We use clever algorithms and machine learning to extract objective data which is exchanged among the wider community.

The idea appeals to me because this is a renowned “snake-oil” industry and their marketing often relies on an emotional connection with the consumer which is easily abused.  I’d like to remove that element by objectifying the performance of these products.”

#3 Phone Home


“This is a niche service to help indie developers source second-hand phones for their app testing by crowd-sourcing them from people who are upgrading.

As a niche this only addresses a small problem (one I’ve been through myself) but it works towards a bigger goal of encouraging re-usability.  It makes use of features which could be applied on a bigger scale to more effect.

Curious to know more? Hit me up on ZippyCrowd or get in touch with me via email: [email protected].  I’d love to hear your own thoughts on my ideas, and more ..”

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