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Olya has always been a horse lover. As a kid, she painted horses and when she grew up she started taking pictures of them. After a while she realised that this was her true passion, so she turned it into her business. Here’s how.

When Olya was just a three-year-old kid, she saw a horse for the first time on TV. Since that day she’s been in love of these neat creatures. “It is difficult to explain why I love horses so much but does it really matter?”, acknowledges Olya.

Her other passion was photography, so whenever she’d have some spare time, she’d head to shoot the most amazing horse shows in Australia.

Soon it became clear to her that this was her true passion and that she wanted to become a professional photographer. Thus, she got herself a Photo Imaging Diploma at the RMIT.

After doing so she started her own business called 42beats, an online place where horse lovers can get themselves the best pictures taken by Olya.

Starting a company can be hard though, so if you can get support of close people that can lend a hand in some areas applying their own skills, it might speed up the process. Olya’s partner Ivan has been a huge asset for her right from the beginning. He has taken care of the website and some other technical issues.


Looking for clients

Since her primary direction of business is horses and people portraits, she tries to visit as many horse shows as possible. There, she meets new models (horses) and their owners.

At this stage, her major clients are horse owners, people who breed horses or people who love horse related sports like racing. “But I’d like to broaden my reach to people who don’t necessarily do any of the above but can appreciate the beauty of the horse”, states Olya.

 Some insights to her work

Olya prefers to take photos with natural light and she normally uses a long focal lens (150-300mm) to make sure the subjects are separated from the background and the attention is focused on the models. For the same reason she prefers to use simple backgrounds such as neutral walls or shades in a stable. In her portraits, she tries to show the relationship and love between the horse and the owner.

Olya does amazing digital art works as well, in which she uses up to 10 different photos. One of these unique art works can take up to 3 weeks and getting inspiration is essential.

 Fighting the wrong perceptions

If Olya had to name a difficulty in her business, it would be the daily fight against the wrong perception of low effort some people have regarding the photographer’s job. Besides acquiring a good equipment, having and training your skills is crucial. Only professional photographers as Olya will shoot high quality images that can’t be obtained by phone or amateur cameras.

 If you want to get in touch with Olya, you can hit her up in her website.

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