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We are a team of game changers, hackers, doers. And we’re changing the way people work and live and connect with each other…

Hi there,

My name is Allie and I am the CEO and Founder of ZippyCrowd.

Whether you are looking to earn more in a side-hustle or want to build your own brand and business, ZippyCrowd sets you on an entrepreneur’s journey, helping you start with very little, inspiring you to put your own talents & skills to use in the ways that fulfill you, and make your mark on the world.

Jobs small or big, tasks, errands, gigs, projects, permanent services – all require someone who is the right fit. The search always starts with asking friends “do you know a good hairdresser, graphic designer, tradie, accountant, personal trainer, babysitter and more?” The process is time consuming and inefficient.

We’ve created ZippyCrowd to make it easy for everyone to be discovered through their skills and talents, and to instantly find the right people for the jobs backed friends’ recommendations and crowd reputation.

We’re at the beginning of the journey, with so many exciting opportunities ahead as we expand globally, and we invite you to join us on this journey, work with us and share success together.

As we’re preparing for launch over the next 5 months, we’re now looking to expand our team, bringing on board a creative co-founder with experience in the areas of content & digital marketing, growth and scaling. 

Does any of the following apply to you?

  • you are creative and full of ideas
  • you are super driven, ambitious and love experimenting
  • you are passionate about technology, data, entrepreneurship and content that rocks
  • you are great at searching, researching and finding solutions and best ways in the shortest period of time
  • you are an early adopter of new cool tools and apps
  • you have 10 hours / week (or more) to be involved
  • you see startup role as an opportunity and commitment, rather than as a hobby
  • you are interested in working your way to become a co-founding partner

If you answered “Yes” to most of the questions above, then you should seriously think about joining us.

At ZippyCrowd, you get to:

  • Work with a key team of talented and creative entrepreneurs
  • Experiment with modern tools, digital marketing & growth hacks
  • Experience building and scaling a cool tech startup
  • Make an impact on the way people live, work and make a living

At ZippyCrowd, you’ll be an integral part of the team, spreading the word, shaping the product, growing user base, talking & learning from real customers. We’re outcome focused and flexible on hours and work location.

Note: we’re ONLY looking for long term team members. We can start with a 1-2 months’ trial, when you’ll get to suss us out, and vice versa. The right candidate will come on board as a co-founder, with a sweat equity vesting agreement, and a full time paid position after successful first round of funding. Yes, you’ll own a piece of the company that’s disrupting LinkedIn, Freelancer and Seek 🙂

Care to join us? Hit Allie Hilmer up on ZippyCrowd with a message “I’m interested to join the team”.


Have cool skills? Great ideas? Want to know more? Know someone awesome who would love this opportunity?

Hit me up on ZippyCrowd

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