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“ZippyCrowd is awesome to use on the go! Registering and creating Skill Cards was quick and easy. Obtaining new work was again, simple. The workflow is fantastic, and makes it a breeze to connect to people I can help out with the skills I have.

Zippy community is growing, and I’m stoked about it. It means I can help more people, and when I need something done, I can easily find help from within, using my crowd referrals and endorsements.

ZippyCrowd  team has also been truly helpful in creating the right target market publicity for DESAV 2.  The feature article on DESAV 2 published on ZippyCrowd blog resulted in an excellent business exposure and invaluable business connections. ”

Dennis Savic

Founder & Project Manager, DESAV 2

ZippyCrowd is great! It is a complete game-changer for people like me, who are running solo in business. Getting started was a breeze –  literally took me 2 minutes… Not only I can  showcase my services for free, but ZippyCrowd team have also published a great feature article about my photography business on their blog and on social accounts. I was amazed to see so much interest and exposure for my business was generated through recommendations from within the crowd!

Olya Tutova

Photographer, 42beats.com

A friend of mine referred me to ZippyCrowd as I was looking to recruit some talent into my small business. The sign up was a simple, no fuss process, which is great as time is something I have little of these days… I placed a couple of free job ads in less than 5 minutes, sharing them easily with a variety of my social pages. I was blown away when, not even 60 minutes later, I had five enquiries from quality candidates. A small investment of time generated great rewards for my business. Great work ZippyCrowd, I would recommend any SBO to check it out!

James McGuire

Director, McGuire Business Services

ZippyCrowd has become my go to place whenever I need to find someone I can trust to do work around my house. I recently had to renovate an apartment, and was looking for a good handyman. Within a few minutes I found a couple of people that my friends have been using, contacted both direct, and hired one almost straight away. It is so easy to use, no bids, no middlemen …nothing else in the market comes close! I love it and highly recommend!

Galina May

Business Owner

We, as a company, have great use of ZippyCrowd. From time to time I need to find someone I can trust to get a variety of jobs done for our company. ZippyCrowd certainly makes it easy to access the right people with the skills we need, and with the recommendations by people I personally know and trust.

Mario Balen

General Manager, HyChill

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