Month: July 2016

Envato’s recipe for startup success: 3 magic takeaways from Cyan

I am on the way to see Cyan Ta’eed, the co-founder of Envato and one of the most sought-after female entrepreneurs. Excited and nervous. For all the obvious reasons. Cyan is in high demand at all sorts of tech and startup events. Cyan is busy running a company with over 170 employees, yet she finds the time to get involved and help women like me to get into tech and to have the guts to be entrepreneurs.

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3 Key Steps To Creativity

The most important part of being creative is not judging your solutions to problems. Put everything on the table, do not hold back your ideas. Think of anyway you can get inside the problem, do drawings, describe the problem, use descriptive words, talk to people about it.

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Getting past difficult situations

Lou Holtz once said “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it” and we at ZippyCrowd couldn’t agree more.

Tough situations in life can be frustrating. It’s easy to start blaming yourself or the people around you. To imagine how things could have been different or to hang out with your own negative thoughts, complaining about how unfair things are.

But feeling mad about the unjust situation won’t change anything. Therefore it’s important to accept what has happened as soon as possible, regardless of how you feel about it.

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Inspiring Kindness to Uniqueness

Since ZippyCrowd is all about inspiring and sharing, today we want to share a very special story with you.

Ainsley is the mother of two beautiful children. One of them has got a rare skin condition, which affects her appearance.

She knows she can’t fix the condition, but she’s convinced she can change the way in which the world deals with appearance and uniqueness.

That’s the reason why she decided to write an eBook about a girl named True, who happened to be born with a very special blue hand.

Read Ainsley’s inspiring story below and download the eBook here.

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