Word of Mouth is Everything

We built ZippyCrowd to help you grow your small business on the strength of your community and reputation.


“The beauty of ZippyCrowd is its humanity…”

 – said everyone

What is ZippyCrowd

ZippyCrowd is Australia’s first word-of-mouth marketing and reputation platform that makes it easy for people to build, manage, and grow their small businesses in today’s digital economy

ZippyCrowd revolutionises the way we think about small business marketing, aspiring to bring more trust into the online world of work and small business. 

Small Business in The Digital Economy

Historically small businesses grew by word of mouth and reputation in their local communities. With customers and communities shifting online, business owners are struggling to stay visible and survive. 

The online space is dominated by a handful of centralized platforms. It is driven by ads, requires huge budgets, resources and skills. Australian businesses – particularly sole traders, service providers and freelancers – have none of that.  

Small businesses remain underserved, undervalued, let down and left behind by the large platforms that serve cashed up larger businesses. 

Biggest Challenges Small Business Owners Face Right Now

We have interviewed and surveyed hundreds of small business owners, sole traders, freelancers and entrepreneurs to better understand the challenges they face in the digital economy. 

What we have learnt is that every small business struggles with:

  1. The transition to a digital-first world
  2. Becoming discoverable online
  3. Finding new customers
  4. Retaining existing customers
  5. Increasing brand awareness
  6. Growing business through word of mouth
  7. Spending massive amount of time, effort, money on social media and digital marketing

ZippyCrowd Empowers People Behind Small Businesses

And that is where ZippyCrowd comes in. Our members are people first, businesses second.

ZippyCrowd offers the easiest way for people to grow their businesses through word of mouth and recommendations that people trust. 

We do it by helping business owners build customer communities around them that are incentivised to recommend their services  right when they need it. No ratings, no negative reviews – just recommendations from trusted connections.

Our digital word-of-mouth solution empowers small businesses to win new customers on the strength of their reputation, not the size of their marketing budget. It makes  small businesses more discoverable, easier to grow and more likely to convert, saving them time and effort on marketing. 

Word-of-Mouth Platform That Powers Small Business

Think of ZippyCrowd as your business directory, your recommendation engine and your community notice board – all in one. 

ZippyCrowd connects you to your customers, provides you with service listing tools, digital word-of-mouth solutions, recommendations, endorsements, testimonials, and embeddable reputation widgets.

It makes it easy for you to promote your services, engage with your customers, build trust and positive reputation, and share information about your favorite hairdresser or mechanic. 

It makes it easy for your customers to recommend your work and business to their communities, leading new customers directly to you.

The more people trust you and recommend your work, the more discoverable you become. It’s that simple. 

Let’s Build Our Future Together

We want to contribute to the growing Australian small business success story by building not only an impactful product that delivers real change but also by bringing communities together and creating jobs and opportunities for people that they would have otherwise missed.

We are now ramping up to launch ZippyCrowd to the industries most impacted by the pandemic, such as health, beauty and fitness, with plans to expand the customer base to other businesses in the coming months.

If you’re a small business looking for a free and easy way to connect and engage with your customers, get your work recommended, and grow your business, ZippyCrowd is the place for you. Open your business to your customer communities, support one another and see your reach and revenue grow.

Help shape the future of small business:

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I’m proud to share with you our first product and our vision for ZippyCrowd, and look forward to keeping you updated on our progress!

Thank you!

Allie Hilmer


More business, with less marketing.

PS. We’re a startup, and things may not be perfect, but we’re committed. Let’s bring together more trust and recognition into the world of work and business.

You’re in good company

Our economy has been built on the back of small business.  Behind every business is a person, a family, a community that matter. 

We’re on a mission to bring more trust and recognition into the world of work and small business, empowering you to grow on the strength of your reputation, not the size of your marketing budget.