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We built ZippyCrowd to help you grow your business through the power of your community, not the size of your marketing budget. Unlocking credible recommendations for you, your business and your people.


“The beauty of ZippyCrowd is its humanity…”

 – said everyone

Our journey started a few years ago, when we set out to digitize the good old word-of-mouth, helping everyone find people they need, through people they trust. It seemed like a simple task (ha!), but ended up being an epic journey.

We wanted to challenge the status quo of the crowded online space that lacked trust, offering instead a trust-based service-discovery ecosystem built on genuine recommendations from real people, free and accessible to all.

After the chaos of endless conversations, iterations, late nights, early calls, rolling deadlines, we are really happy to invite you to the new ZippyCrowd.

The latest version of ZippyCrowd empowers people in small local businesses become trusted, favorite, loved and recommended by their customers and customer communities.

We do this by offering an all-in-one trust-driven recommendation platform for service-oriented businesses, and in turn taking the hassle out of marketing and making it easy for people to earn, work and live.

By helping business owners connect and engage with their customer communities, ZippyCrowd makes it easy for business owners to grow their businesses, manage their reputation, and so much more.

ZippyCrowd embeds trust, loyalty, credibility and reputation into the fabric of local economies, bringing communities closer and building life-long relationships.

We see this as just the beginning of creating an ecosystem of stronger local business communities — friendlier customers, easier marketing, shorter days, happier weekends, better cashflow, bigger revenue. 

At ZippyCrowd each recommendation is real. It comes from people who know you. It cuts through the noise, and transforms you, a complete stranger, into someone others trust by default.

If you’re a small business looking for a free and easy way to connect and engage with your customers, get your work recommended, and grow your business, ZippyCrowd is the place for you.

ZippyCrowd’s innovative small business focused solutions enhance your success by powering up your business community and your reputation. Open your business to your customer communities and see your reach and revenue grow.

???? https://zippycrowd.com/ – launching April 2021

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We’re committed to making the world a more inclusive and fair place. That’s why we invite to our diverse team people from all backgrounds and walks of life, as long as they are powered by curiosity, empathy and innovation.

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You’re in good company

Behind every business is a person, a family, a community that matter.  We are on a mission to empower people in small local businesses become trusted, #lovedbylocals and recommended by their customers and customer communities.