Allie Hilmer

ZippyCrowd CEO & Founder

Hey, I’m Allie, the founder of ZippyCrowd. I’m the lover of strong coffee, good books, close friendships… The “glue”, a.k.a. community builder, focused on building relationships and networks into a real community. The impact nerd, passionate about bringing more empathy and trust into the online world of work and business.

Angel Cuerpo

Community & Social Manager

Hey, I’m Angel! I’m a communications professional with a specific interest in community building, social marketing, and storytelling.  I’m a big believer in building meaningful long lasting relationships and creating memorable experiences for our people.

Leandro Baptista

Growth Advisor

Hi, I’m Leandro, a creative data-driven marketer, with a passion for all things growth, product, partnerships, startups & community 🙂 Always thinking outside the box, I apply a customer-centric approach to absolutely everything, backing it up with data and research. 

Veer Jain

Digital Marketer

Hey, I’m Veer, a digital marketing specialist with experience in all things digital, content writing, SEO and social media. I love finding simple solutions to complex problems. I’m passionate about search and it’s power to provide us with all the answers to life’s questions. You can find me playing drums when I am not crunching keywords.

Henk Lustig

Creative Strategist

Hi! I’m a seasoned creative with a natural flair for writing, strategy and presentation. I believe in doing the best with what you’ve got, and I’ve got ideas and a flair for presentation – so working on creative campaigns, content and strategy fits me like a glove.  Over the last decade I’ve made a living as a magazine editor, a creative director, a copywriter, a graphic designer and a brand ambassador.

Sophie Bryson

Sophie Bryson

Head of UX / UI

I’ve always been passionate about creating joyful designs, bringing ideas and concepts to life. Alternative fashion has greatly influenced my design style and helped me understand how to combine elements and colors in a cohesive way – leaving an unforgettable impression. I love all things creative and user-centric – design, user testing, UX writing, improving the product, and building a better experience for users.

Sophie Bryson

Chathu Ambanpola

Communications Manager

Hey, I’m Chathu. I’m passionate about the interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.