Meet the Maker: How Katie Savage puts mind and body in balance through her holistic wellness coaching. 

Meet the Maker: How Katie Savage puts mind and body in balance through her holistic wellness coaching. 

Grounded, balanced and confident – that’s how Katie wants to help people feel.

Small business owner Katie Savage began her business journey 6 years ago; however, she finally took the leap 3 months ago to pursue her business goals.

Katie is focused on natural remedies to help people feel happy and well. She helps her clients turn their hopes and dreams into reality. 

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Katie has been focused on inviting her clients to take some time out of their days to focus on themselves during their sessions together. 

‘Often when we relax and turn off the outside noise, we really get to connect to our deepest needs and desires. We also allow for optimal healing to take place within ourselves when we are feeling relaxed and supported’, says Katie. 

Katie has studied clinical aromatherapy and creates her own bespoke blends of essential oils to assist and support her clients throughout their wellness journey’s. 

How holistic wellness remedies can help you

Whether you experience stress and fatigue, live with a chronic illness, or feel like modern medicine isn’t enough, holistic health takes into account your own story and is fit to your own specific needs. Katie offers a range of holistic services including:

  • Essential Oils
  • 100% therapeutic grade essential oils – little bottles of magic that can help you with literally everything and create a sense of peace and calm. 
  • Essential oils help with anxiety, depression, skin conditions, inflammation, and pain.
  • Reiki (level 1 & 2):
  • Reiki is a powerful energy healing modality which aims to create balance and flow in the body’s chakras, also known as energy centers. 
  • Helps to promote relaxation and improve overall well being.
  • Life coaching and mentoring: 
  • Coaching programs tailored specifically to suit people who want to set specific goals and make empowering action and change in their lives. 
  • Katie coaches people how to reset and re-balance their lives to stay happy and healthy.


Why Katie began her journey as a Holistic Wellness Coach

After years of working a stressful job as a construction project manager, Katie says it started to take a toll on her body. She was suffering from auto-immune issues which resulted in constant chronic pain and fatigue. After taking a mainstream path to solve her health problems, Katie instead visited a naturopath. 

“I decided to see a naturopath, who straight away put me on the right track with my diet and some other natural supplements. After just a few weeks I felt remarkably different which sparked my curiosity into the use of natural methods for healing and well-being.”

In 2017, shortly after delving into her passion for holistic wellness Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer. To Katie, holistic wellness is more than a physical feeling. It’s spiritual, mental and emotional too. Despite the awful news Katie had received, she used her skills along with mainstream medicine and chemotherapy to help with her recovery.

“I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that these alternative therapies helped me to feel and heal well during my treatment. In a situation where everything felt so hopeless at times, it really gave me a sense of empowerment to take a holistic approach to my recovery, I may not have been able to change what was happening on the outside but I could definitely take the reins with how I supported my mind and body during the process.”

Katie describes her experience with auto-immune illnesses and cancer as a roller coaster she couldn’t get off. Thankfully, Katie is now celebrating 3 years in remission and hopes to inspire and give back to people who are in the position she once was in.

You don’t have to be perfect or have all the answers, just start somewhere and enjoy the ride.

The challenges of running a small business

The reality is that small businesses rely heavily on word of mouth to get off the ground. Especially in holistic health, it’s extremely important to hear reviews from reliable people. Katie wholeheartedly believes that hearing success stories in her field is crucial to have a fruitful business.

“Word of mouth is so important for me and my business. Especially online, I feel like it can sometimes be impossible to get noticed. When my clients share their stories of how healing or coaching has helped them to have more clarity, emotional balance and improved overall wellness I really hope it inspires other people to consider visiting me too.”

Katie’s curiosity and passion for holistic wellness quickly turned into a side hustle, and over the last year she has been training to become a health coach and mentor. She has also been learning more about the benefits of essential oils and now is a qualified reiki practitioner. 

If you’re interested in Katie’s help to recharge your life contact her here: 

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Small businesses are the backbone of the local communities

Small businesses are the backbone of the local communities

In a more than ever unpredictable world, with extremes becoming the norm, people are seeking communities. To bring some order into the fragmented world. To belong, escape isolation, erase differences, connect better. Around the world and in our own backyards, we’ve seen communities come together to support local business operators and people in their communities. Small local businesses, from shops to professional services, reflect the personality of a suburb or a town and are the glue of local communities. They bring people together, providing character, vibe, and individuality to the neighborhoods.

Small businesses impact their local communities in many tangible ways. In fact, you could say that there is no local community without local businesses. 

Community impact and support

Small businesses have a greater community impact than many of us realize. 

Small business owners live and work in their communities. They directly impact the local economy, forming various associations and partnerships, backing other purpose-driven businesses, supporting their community through volunteer work, working hard to provide local jobs, getting involved in community events, and backing local entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Creating local jobs

In Australia, small businesses employ 2.3 million people and account for 98% of all Australian businesses. Every job that is created locally means that more people stay in their community, shop locally, buy locally, rent locally. From one business to another, the money stays local and the community vibe becomes tight-knit.

Small business owners create jobs not just by employing people in their businesses. They make improvements to the buildings they operate from, renovate storefronts, recycle materials, maintain historic buildings giving a sense of charm and uniqueness to their shops.

Unique community identity

Thriving business communities attract more visitors and locals. People love exploring local communities, walking their streets filled with coffee shops, banking, crafts, boutiques, yoga studios, antiques, and more – getting a sense of community identity. Visitors and local shoppers stay longer, stopping for a drink and a chat with their friends and neighbors. Local restaurants reflect in their menus locally grown vegetables and fruits, locally raised meats and game, and local wines, showcasing a unique appreciation for different regions. 

Diverse & locally made 

As small businesses strive to make themselves unique, the community itself develops more personality and character. Unlike large retailer stores carrying products selected as part of their national sales plan, small business operators have the ability to offer diverse and unique products. 

Local business owners have a personal relationship with their customers, a lot of times serving customers at the counter or performing the professional services themselves. With this kind of one-on-one interaction, owners understand what people in their community like, making sure that their products are either locally made, or selected to suit local tastes. 

Local customers are on a friendly basis and give plenty of suggestions, which in turn makes it easier for business owners to understand what’s popular and in demand, and to decide what type of unique wares, clothing, and accessories to offer in the community. 

Boost entrepreneurship

A community with thriving and successful businesses inspires others to follow their passions. Successful business operators foster entrepreneurial activities in their community, mentor startup founders, helping develop a climate favorable to small businesses. This sets the scene with a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and growth – success breeds success.

Local small businesses working together

Local business owners tend to support, engage, and recommend other local business operators. A cafe owner will need the whole range of services, from cleaning, to accounting to legal. Many times, locally based business owners will shop locally, and give their business to other locals, supporting friends and neighbors, creating stronger community bonds and keeping money in the community. 

Locals in turn will be spreading the word about their favorite local businesses and service operators helping them get more business through the door with word of mouth recommendations.  

It pays to be talked about with word of mouth.

Starting your own business and running solo is a lot of hard work and it takes a lot of time, risk, and money. 

At ZippyCrowd we believe that business communities are better when they are built on an ethos of helpfulness. With that in mind, we built a word-of-mouth recommendation platform for trusted service providers and small business operators. Whether you’re working for yourself, trying to promote your own skills, looking for someone you can trust, or referring a friend, we made it easy. And free. 

On a regular basis, we will be showcasing local makers, creators and small business operators trusted and highly regarded by people in their local communities. Know anyone you would like to recommend? Ping us at [email protected], we can’t wait to hear from you.

PS. We’re a startup, and things may not be perfect, but we’re committed. Here is to crack the code of human relationships together.