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We built ZippyCrowd to help you get your business discovered and your work recommended. Unlocking credible recommendations from friends – for you,
your business and your people.

How ZippyCrowd works

Free profile page focused on reputation

ZippyCrowd is a free word-of-mouth platform helping people in small businesses get new customers through personal recommendations. 

  • Well organized, fully-featured profile page. Free forever.
  • Organized around trusted relationships, reputation, and real recommendations.
  • Great for side-hustlers, small business operators, freelancers, and individual professionals.

Showcase your work & business

  • Why spend time promotine what you do, when you can spend time doing what you love.
  • Showcase your 9-5, side-hustle, new business, freelance work, hobbies, talents, gigs, and more.

Get recommended to new customers

  • Stay connected to your past and present clients
  • Keep your community updated on your services and business. 
  • Promote to people you trust in a few clicks, within ZippyCrowd, and to your extended networks on social.
  • Get recommended by customers who trust you and love your work.

Your reputation - all in one place

Provide potential customers a single destination for all the great things people have said about your business.

Trusted community

Keep people you can count on organized, at your fingertips. No need to worry about saving business cards of your favorite service providers, wherever they are. Know someone good at what they do? Just keep them in your trusted community. The rest is on us.

Find people you need, through people you trust

Looking for a good hairdresser? Yoga instructor? Personal trainer? Handyman? Accountant? Create an Ask asking your trusted community for recommendations. Post your Ask on the crowdfeed and share  for more reach on social. Get recommendations for people you need, from people you trust.

Recommendations that power your business. No bad reviews - ever.

Positive reputation only. Reach new customers through word of mouth from people who trust you and love your work.

Follow-up, track and say thanks all your loyal friends and clients

Recommendations are crucial for your credibility, but your customers are busy. We’ll help you nudge them politely.

Recommend your people - in a click

Recommending a friend or a favorite service provider has never been easier. Just click on ‘Recommend a friend’ in any posted Ask, select the channel you want to recommend with and type your friends name.

Get notified when you get recommended

We will notify you every time you get new recommendations 

Easily shareable

Whether you are looking for the right person, promoting your skills and services, or wanting to recommend someone – ZippyCrowd makes it easy for you to get started, integrating various social channels.

You can easily share your asks, services and recommendations with your friends on Facebook, and your trusted professionals on Whatsapp.

Chat direct

We’ve build an open messaging service so you can contact anyone direct on ZippyCrowd. 

Real people, real experiences, real recommendations

ZippyCrowd authenticates everyone’s identity with their Facebook or Google, and facilitates recommendations on demand, only from people you keep in your trusted crowd, and only to people they trust – making recommendations real and trustworthy.

Mobile friendly

ZippyCrowd is built as mobile friendly, to make sure your ranking indicator is higher with Google.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Good times ahead! Your friends @ ZippyCrowd

You’re in good company

Behind every business is a person, a family, a community. This is ours.

We are on a mission to bring more trust into the online world of work, unlocking credible recommendations from friends – for you, your business and your people.