Getting started 🙌

Getting started: Your first week with ZippyCrowd🙌

Tips to hit the ground running

We built ZippyCrowd to help millions of makers, doers, creators around the world get more  discoverable and easier recognized, through word-of-mouth, trust & reputation. One recommendation at a time.

Be a part of ZippyCrowd community of trust 🙌

One of the common questions we get from prospective ZippyCrowd users is how to get their trusted people to use it. They love word-of-mouth, and they’ve heard it offers trust, saves effort, time, money, whether searching for the right people or promoting your own skills and business. But they aren’t sure where to start, since it’s a new platform and a new way of working together.

So here are some simple, quick ways to get started and gradually stand out with your crowd.

🏄 Getting on board

Starting with ZippyCrowd is supper simple, takes seconds, and is completely FREE. Free version of ZippyCrowd will give you  enough features to become discoverable, to promote your skills and services, get recommended to opportunities and find people you need, recommended by people you trust.

1  Go to ZippyCrowd homepage at

2  Hit ‘Sign up’

3  Select signup with Facebook or Google, and you are in.

👑 Stand out with your crowd

ZippyCrowd works best with people you trust. Begin with a handful of people you regularly go to for recommendations.

1  First decide who your favorite people are. Think ‘friends and people I trust’, ‘favorite hairdresser, yoga instructor, accountant, designer, personal trainer, and more’

2  Hit ‘Zip to my crowd’ button. You can find it in your profile hero, in trusted crowd tab, in side menu, and in a few other places.

3  Select the easiest channel to bring each person in.

4  Add a few words to the template invite we made for you (if you want).

5  We will prompt you know when your invited people join ZippyCrowd – so you can zip them to your trusted crowd, or not.


6  We will prompt them too, so they can zip you to their trusted crowds.

You can share recommendations only with people who you have zipped into your trusted crowd, and they have zipped you back. With everyone else you can engage via direct messages.

💬 Get more work and business – through word of mouth

1  Hit ‘Put skills forward’

2  Create a skill card. This is like your digital micro business card.

3  Hit ‘Post to crowdfeed’

4  Navigate to the ‘Share skill’ screen

5  Decide which of your people you want to share your skill cards with. You can choose to share with Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, and more.


We will prompt you when you get recommended by people in your trusted crowd.We will prompt you when you get recommended by people in your trusted crowd.

👀 Find people you need – through trusted recommendations

1  Hit ‘Ask recommendations’

2  Create an Ask.

3  Hit ‘Post to crowdfeed’

4  Navigate to the ‘Share Ask’ screen

5  Decide who can help you most, and share your Ask with them. You can choose to share with Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, and more.

We will prompt you when you get recommendations from people in your trusted crowd.

🎁 Help your crowd with recommendations

1  Navigate to crowdfeed, or check your notifications and emails

2  See who is asking for help in your trusted crowd.

3  If you know someone you can recommend, hit ‘Recommend’ in the relevant Ask.

4  Navigate to the ‘Recommendation’ screen

5  Select the name of the person in your trusted crowd to recommend, or invite that person with Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, and more.


6  We will prompt you when they join ZippyCrowd, so you can put them forward.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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