How about finding that rewarding activity, capable of enjoying and inspiring you – all of this without leaving home? Check our definitive list of hobbies to do at home.

We collated a comprehensive list of hobbies to do by yourself, as a couple, or even with your entire family. Find out exciting options to enhance your quality of life or just end boredom and shake things up.

You can also check out exclusive hobbies for your kids and how to earn money with your hobbies, at the end of this article.

Hobbies to do alone

1 – Writing

You don’t need to be the next Shakespeare to start writing. Start drafting your thoughts and let your ideas flow.

2 – Reading

One of the easiest hobbies to do at hobby, reading can be both entertaining and educational. Reading makes you smarter and is also a relaxing hobby to do at home.

 3 – Learn a new language

Use the countless online resources to find and learn a new language. Whether it is for leisure or to enhance your CV, learning a new language is a good option to start at home.

4 – Genealogy

A different hobby to do at home, genealogy is the study of families, family history, and the tracing of their lineages. With it, you can discover a whole new word and connect yourself with your ancestors.

5 – Crossword Puzzles

Another good option to keep the mind sharp while spending some free time. It is also an activity to do as a couple.

6 – Mentoring

How about sharing your experience with someone who needs it? There are several online options to start mentoring right now.

7 – Coding

Learn computer coding can be a good option to start a new hobby and earn some money in the future. With the advance of technology, having coding skills will surely unlock many doors for you.

8 – Music

With tons of “how to play” videos on the internet, it is easy to start playing your favorites songs. Choose your instrument and go ahead.

9 – Podcasting

Choose your favorite topic and start sharing your thoughts with your friends. You can also host interviews and build your own podcast fan base.

10 – Yoga

A relaxing hobby, Yoga can help you gain mental health, relieve stress, and enhance your mind. Try some free Yoga tutorial on YouTube or hire your favorite teacher.

11 – Learning magic

You can become a party superstar. Learn some tricks at home and enjoy your friends at parties.

12 – Baking

Start making your fresh bread with no preservatives and that unique made-at-home smell.

13 – Crocheting

Take a crochet hook, a thread, and a willingness to learn. Now you just need some web research to start crafting your own socks.

14 – Meditation

It reduces stress, controls anxiety, improves sleep, and makes us happier. Meditation is a good option to start a relaxing hobby at home today.

15 – Painting

Let colors and fellings flow over the canvas. You don’t need fancy and expensive materials to start. Keep it simple and funny and maybe discover your Picasso side.

16 – Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a nice way to express your talents through special lettering. There are plenty of good examples online and you can get lost in the middle of cool special pens and brushes.

17 – Whittling

Enhance your manual skills and craft beautiful pieces by yourself. Tip: try some pre-made templates. They will make you feel like a pro.

18 – Pottery

You can either start making your own pottery or simply paint pre-made pieces. Either option is a way to express your self and maybe redecorate your home.

19 – Origami

Gather some paper, nice tutorials, and start diving into this millenary art. It is a good option for couples, families, and kids as well.

20 – Candlemaking

From the simple to the aromatic fancy ones, you can save some money crafting your own candles while enjoying this art.

21 – Astronomy

How about learning about the stars and their mysteries? Even without equipment, you can start exploring this world today. Try some NASA content and get amazed by the beauty of the universe. 

Hobbies to do at home as a couple

You can invite your beloved to join you in most of the hobbies we’ve talked about previously. Yet, we have some very good ideas to seize the free moments as a couple.

22- Dancing

Romantic and funny, join online classes to start dancing today. There are several free classes online from a number of different dancing styles.

23 – Music – starting a band?

We mentioned music as a good hobby to do alone, but how about doing it with someone you love? You can have some fun and maybe start a band.

24 – Scrapbooking

A fun way to preserve memories and strengthen the connection of the couple. 

25 – Start a collection

Cards, coins, stamps. There is no lack of options when it comes to starting a collection together.

26 – Movie marathons

Grab your favorite movies and a bucket of popcorn. Prepare your home cinema and have fun!

27 – Online Volunteering

You don’t need to leave home to make a difference. You can join an online community and start volunteering together.

28 – Star Gazing

From amateur astronomy to a nice time together, lying down together watching the starry sky – star gazing is an amazing option as a hobby at home for couples.

29 – Arts and Crafts Together

Sewing, embroidery, jewelry making… There is a lot of options to start a craft hobby together.

30 – Massage classes

Massage can be a good option to strengthen the connection of the couple. You can learn different types of massage and train them with your partner.

31 – Blogging or Vlogging

Another good hobby to start together is sharing the couple’s ideas through a blog or a vlog. Talk about your interests, opinions, and have fun.

32 – Journaling

Each one can have your own journal and share your experiences with the partner. It is a good way to start honest and thoughtful conversations.

Hobbies at home for families & kids

33 – Gaming

Whether the games are physical or digital, they can be a fantastic way to have fun and engage with your family. 

34 – Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles can help the development of kids and give you some good hours of joy with your family. 

35 – LEGO

The 80’s toy is still very current and lets you construct anything you want. They also have thematic sets with some of your favorite movies and games.

36 – Toymaking

You can gather your family to craft toys for the kids and have a lot of fun doing it. From puppets to wooden toys, they are easy to make and fun to play with.

37 – Pet training

Try teaching some basic commands to your pet and enjoy your free time with them.

38 – Aquarium Keeping

Besides being a beautiful addition to furniture, aquariums can be a good option to teach kids about aquatic lives and how to take care of them.

39 – Home Science Experiments

Use some materials you already have in your kitchen and garage and start playing with science. Follow the safety rules and have fun with the kids.

40 – Gardening

A very good option for an outdoor hobby to do at home. You can have some fresh air with your family while growing your own food.

41 – Cooking

From candies to fancy dinners, invite the family to cook together and have fun in the kitchen.

42 – Reconstructing furniture

Engage your family and kids reusing old furniture and giving them a new look. It is also a good opportunity to teach the kids about recycling and sustainability.

43 – Home Improvement

Why paying someone to improve your house if you can do it yourself? Besides a very useful activity, you can start making the improvements a fun hobby to pick up with the family.

Earning money with hobbies at home

Hobbies can be funny, can help us relaxing and even give us a purpose. Despite all those benefits, it is also possible to start earning money with your hobby.

One of the possibilities is to work professionally with your hobby, starting with a side hustle. Here is an article about how you can passively earn money from it.

Moreover, there are some ideas about how to turn a hobby into an income stream:

  • Create a website, blog or YouTube channel about your blog and monetize it;
  • Start selling products related to your hobby;
  • Teach people skills related to your hobby;


There are several activities we can do at home to have some fun, be creative, stay productive, and get inspired. Use this list of hobbies to do at home to choose the perfect one for you.

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