It is that time of the year when you hear the bells ringing and the air is filled with festive spirits. Yaay! The festive season is here! This is when people open their shut-up hearts and say, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” But what is a good festive season without good food, drinks to go along with it and most importantly gifts! Yes! Gifting is what a great festive season all about. With each passing year, it becomes a mundane task to buy and gift the same old stuff which you bought last year. Hence, it becomes all the more important to come up with great gifting ideas so that your gift stands out and conveys your utmost love and appreciation for the near and dear ones.

In this blog, we have tried to bring in some out of the box experiences that you can gift your partners. We believe each of these amazing ideas would convey your deepest feelings of love for your partner and would make them fall head over heels in love with you all over again!

Having said that, we bring to you 9 creative gift ideas to surprise your partner!

Gift a personalised French Press with your partner’s name

Who doesn’t like a strong cup of their favourite coffee to kick start their day? A French press is a perfect tool to extract your favourite brew and get your loved one the kind of coffee they need. 

What’s even better?

Personalize the French press by engraving the name of your partner to add the extra zing. A sip of their favourite cuppa brewed in the French press will ensure their festive season to be the best! So, if your partner is a coffee lover, a beautiful French press it is! 

Engraved ring for him and her!

Couples really love making memories. To make a memory last forever, we associate it with certain lovable artifacts. A ring is one of those many lovely things! Especially if the ring had the name of your partner engraved on it. These rings come in various shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of material options. It would be amazing to have a couple ring, which means having one ring for yourself and the other one for your loved one, with each other’s names engraved on it! 

This beautiful festive season, Love is definitely in the air!

Fresh Green Succulents with Vase / Terrarium 

Any greenery in the house brings in a sense of freshness and positivity. This festive season gift your partner some succulent plants, which are basically plants with thick fleshy leaves that retain a lot of water and can stay hydrated for a long duration of time. 

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You can also gift a Terrarium, which is a sealed glass container, containing soil and plants. They look like beautiful mini gardens, something that your partner would have a hard time not admiring!

Check out Darlene, who makes some lovely plant structures at her place. This is her Instagram account: @greenempirest 

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Personalized cartoon figure for him

What can I get as a gift for my boyfriend?

If this question has been haunting you for quite some time now, don’t worry! We have the perfect out of the box gift idea to solve this issue for you. 

If your man is someone who loves getting his pictures clicked, gifting a personalized cartoon of him would be a great way to remind him of his sharp, gentlemen-like personality. Just like how we derive happiness from looking at photos, a smiling cartoon miniature figure would remind him of his beautiful personality and would make him fall in love with you, all over again! 

There are some great options available on the internet for creating a personalized caricature. Check out @artby.shanaia, who is an amazing artist and creates some great creative stickers and pins!

Box bar kit for him

As part of our 9 creative gift ideas to surprise your partner, we bring to you a gift idea which would  make your man downright happy! This festive season, gift your partner a full-fledged Box Bar Kit. For those of you, who do not know what exactly it is, it is a concise bar set up, with everything from whiskey glasses, bottle opener, peg measurer, stirrer to napkins, etc. And all of that fits in a box! So, let your spirits run high with a great box bar kit for him!

You may want to check @aimskitch who makes some amazing box bar kits!

Retro slam book because old is gold!

In our fast paced world, where the meaning of life has boiled down to simply getting on with the digital world, it can make a huge difference if one were to add in a retro element in the gift idea. 

Yes! By this we mean going back to the good old school days and making a slam book. Remember how we used to make our friends fill in our slam books with lovely colourful notes about our friendship?

Well, your partner would love the idea of you etching down your most precious thoughts in a beautiful slam book, beautifully decorated with pictures, describing your life story!

Let this be an opportunity for you to tell your partner how truly you love them! 

Surprise her with a Bracelet 

Alright! Agreed that this is a generic, old idea and something that most people would try and gift their partners, so why is this even on this list? The reason is simple. Because it works! 

A beautiful piece of jewellery will do wonders and your partner will absolutely love it! The icing on the cake would be her name etched on it, in a beautiful cursive font. The happiness radiating from her, once she wears the lovely bracelet would only add more warmth to your relationship and would make this festive season merrier!

Embroidered Personalised Gift

Unique! Beautiful! Soft! A true differentiator! Yes, all these words define our next gift idea extremely well. An embroidered gift is something that your partner would find very soothing. These homemade gifts come in various shapes, themes, colours, and sizes. You can order a picture of your partner to be completely transformed into an embroidered piece. We know of a very talented embroidery artist, Emily Jade, who loves making such homemade gifts! Be sure to check her account here: @maisie_daisy

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