ZippyCrowd is the peer-to-peer skills marketplace. The game-changer in how we live and work. The best way to find the right people with the skills you need, backed by friends recommendations.

Copy of facebook-sharing_check-my-skillsNot long ago no one thought we would share homes on Airbnb. But we do. No one thought we would share cars and ride with Uber. But we do. And there is so much more that we can share and do together. Gone are the times when doing a 9 to 5 job for some corporation was the only way to build a career and make a living.

We want more. We want to work with people who have our back. We want to enjoy what we do, work smarter, waste less, earn more, have a great life! Be your own boss. To stand out with your crowd.

Whether you are looking for the right person for a job, or want to earn more, in a side-hustle, ZippyCrowd makes it easy to find trusted people and to market your own skills, on the go, on demand and with no middleman.

Copy of facebook-sharing_hiringJobs small or big, tasks, errands, gigs, projects, permanent services – all require someone who is the right culture fit. The search always starts first with asking friends “do you know a good graphic designer, web developer, hairdresser, tradie, accountant, GP, personal trainer, babysitter and more?”

Reputation and  friends’ recommendations are at the heart of making ZippyCrowd work. We are only starting here, the opportunities are endless, so get excited, ditch the strangers, jump on board with ZippyCrowd and do it with friends. Bring it on!

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