Just a few years ago any startup trying to take on the automotive industry would be laughed at. The latest technologies, however, threaten to bring disruption even to that seemingly untouchable sector. Self-driving cars, electrification of vehicles, new ranges of sensor technologies and improved algorithms are the driving force behind it.

Take Tesla for example. The name Tesla has became synonymous with Elon Musk and his hyper-advanced electric car, designed and made in California. The brand was named after the famous inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla, Serbian by origin, Croatian by birth and genius by nature, who migrated to the USA to realize his dreams. Could that be the connection linking young Perth-based entrepreneur  Dennis Savic to the famous Tesla? The second generation migrant from the same part of the world, Dennis also shares the interest in the same energy force – electricity.

Dennis Savic is the inventor, founder and the driving force behind the new-breed electric motorcycle, developed under the brand DESAV 2 – promising to shake up the motorcycle industry.

Dennis has been dreaming about designing a vehicle ever since he was 6, when he made his first sketch of the new and different engine configuration. At the age of 14 Dennis shifted his interest to motorcycles.

3 years ago, after visiting the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, Dennis realized that his childhood engine idea was in fact used in the design of the WWII aircraft engines – known as radial engine. That was the game-changing moment for Dennis, making him start taking seriously his own ideas. Since then, he has been working on the design of a new concept electric motorcycle, that features great torque and acceleration with vastly reduced environmental impact.

The motorcycle concept has been engineered by Dennis in collaboration with the dedicated DESAV 2 team, consisting mostly of engineering student graduates (10-15 people in Perth, and another 2 in Melbourne). Today the concept is near its realization and centers around two base prototypes.

The official DESAV 2 launch in Perth on November 17th will see two new electric-powered bike models unveiled:


C-40 Café-racer” version

S-40 Sport version

Frame Half-upright Leaned forward
Range on full charge 200 km 200 km
Power 40-60 kW 40-60 kW
Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h 4 sec 4 sec
Charging time 30 min (fast charge)

8 hours (full)

30 min (fast charge)

8 hours (full)


Both models have been designed from the ground up and include the best and the most advanced features and functionality that the materials engineering, electronic controls, electrical technology and 3D manufacturing can offer today.

The result? Titanium components, futuristic design and acceleration projected to match names such as Aprilia Tuono or Kawasaki Ninja, and only marginally behind BMW R1200 and Suzuki GSX-R750! But wait – there is more! For 2017/18 yet another model is planned, more powerful and with higher specs – the P-200, with around 270 HP of raw power and acceleration and the rest to suit. Further down the track is the high-performance dirt bike, the specs of which will be revealed at the Perth launch.

The development to date has been financed by Dennis, involving great sacrifices and on occasion extreme cost management measures.The next phase of DESAV 2 will involve the inaugural meeting of the new, experienced and qualified Advisory Board, which will help setting strategic goals and a clear pathway for their achievement.

In parallel, the work will go on to establish a reliable and high-quality component supplier chain as well as to attract top class, passionate investor community to finance a further progress through to the manufacturing stage.

Watch out Tesla! DESAV 2 is just getting started!

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