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We built ZippyCrowd to help you get your business discovered and your work recommended. Unlocking credible recommendations from friends – for you,
your business and your people.

What our fans are saying

Word of mouth is so important for me and my business. Especially online, I feel like it can sometimes be impossible to get noticed. When my clients share their stories of how healing or coaching has helped them to have more clarity, emotional balance and improved overall wellness I really hope it inspires other people to consider visiting me too.

Katie Savage

Holistic Wellness Coach

 I feel working on ZippyCrowd platform that supports small businesses and real-world communities has real meaning. The idea is simple but profound in its potential. It’s built completely around trust and based on the notion that people enjoy recommending excellent workmanship and services offered by their friends, families and local communities. Over a time where so many small businesses are suffering, every shout out or recommendation helps. 

Henk Lustig

Creative Strategist - Brand, Social, Digital

If you’re a small or micro business looking for an easy way to get your customers to recommend your work, then I suggest you give ZippyCrowd a serious look.

Joel Wijesuria

Founder & CEO, Mercury Pay, The Universal Payments Platform