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We built ZippyCrowd to help you get your business discovered and your work recommended. Unlocking credible recommendations from friends – for you,
your business and your people.


“The beauty of ZippyCrowd is its humanity…”

 – said everyone

Hey there????!  

What happens when we need to find a good web developer, hairdresser, babysitter, mechanic, accountant? Sifting through Google pages? Scrambling for tips from friends all over different channels? Reading questionable reviews from strangers?

We’ve all been there. So we built ZippyCrowd. The trusted word-of-mouth people have been asking for.

At ZippyCrowd each recommendation is real. It comes from people who know you. It cuts through the noise, and transforms you, a complete stranger, into someone others trust by default.

Our journey started a few years ago, when we set out to digitize the good old word-of-mouth, helping everyone capture & organize the mind-map of their favorite people.

It seemed like a simple task (ha!), but ended up being an epic journey.

We wanted to challenge the status quo of the online space filled with sponsored ads and questionable reviews of strangers, offering instead a word-of-mouth ecosystem built on real recommendations from real people, free and accessible to everyone.

The major challenge has been to imagine what a world of meaningful relationships looks like in the digital age, and how do we find the way to capture, map and organize online all those wonderful people we come across in real life.

After the chaos of endless conversations, iterations, late nights, early calls, rolling deadlines, we are really happy to invite you to the new ZippyCrowd.

The latest version of ZippyCrowd helps you organize the entire mind map of your favorite people, discover their skills and services, and make the most out of your crowd’s recommendations

If you’re looking for more business

ZippyCrowd puts you in control of the work that you want to promote, and gives you the flexibility of people and channels to share to. This creates visibility and helps you stand out – anyone in your crowd can get a sense of what you do, what you are looking for, and can easily hire you directly, or recommend you to friends.

If you’re looking for the right people

ZippyCrowd let’s you easily receive and share recommendations by integrating with the channels you use everyday – including Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp. It puts people you need and trust right at your fingertips.

If you are looking for ways to support your people

We built ZippyCrowd to support everyone in small business, bringing more trust and equality into the online world of work. Give your friends and businesses in your community a boost through shoutouts and by recommending their work.

Interested? Check it out now…

Good times ahead!

???? Your friends @ ZippyCrowd

PS. Ping us at [email protected], we can’t wait to hear what you think.

You’re in good company

Behind every business is a person, a family, a community. This is ours.

We are on a mission to bring more trust into the online world of work, unlocking credible recommendations from friends – for you, your business and your people.