Allie Hilmer is the founder and CEO of  ZippyCrowd. Today she’s a strong and successful businesswoman, but her life hasn’t always been easy. This is the story about how she worked her way up to become the person she wanted to be. This is how she made ZippyCrowd happen.

There was a moment in Allie’s life in which she decided to get a better life not only for her, but also for her 3-year-old daughter. It was 1993, and the political and economical situation in her homeland, Lithuania, was falling apart. She somehow knew she’d be better off, starting a new life somewhere else.

One day she decided to leave her old life behind and start again in Australia. She found herself in the Gold Coast, 10.000 km away from Lithuania and her belongings included her daughter and around 80$ in her bank account.

The first months were scary for her, “I knew almost no one, I needed a job, a friend, someone to have coffee with!“, Allie recalls.

Yet she felt this was just the start of something better to come. She had skills and ideas, and that’s how she eventually found her way out of the mess. She found all what she was looking for, including a steady job and friends.

However, over that difficult period of life, she had had time to realise that “being invisible in the crowd can be really scary”. Without great people helping you out things can get tough.

She didn’t know it yet, but this experience would trigger her entrepreneurial spirit.

 Creating a whole new level of friends connection

That experience had made her realise,

“You can have all the degrees in the world, but without friends you have nothing”

Good relationships in life are priceless, especially when it comes to trivial daily grind. Your friends are the first people you ask when you’ve got a need or a problem.

Situations like:

  • I want to go out and have a romantic dinner with my wife, I need a babysitter!
  • Next month is Matt’s wedding; I need to get my hair ready!
  • My garden looks like it needs a proper aesthetic lift…
  • I want to have my own personal website but don’t even know how to start with that.

These are day to day situations were you would go to a friend first, ask him or her for advice on whether they know someone trustworthy enough who can take charge of your situation.

If they cannot help you, you’ll end up hiring a complete stranger – and risking not getting your job properly done.

Still, the nagging voice in Allie’s head kept saying, “there must be a better way”.

What if there was a way for everyone to instantly access the best professionals recommended by friends? A place where everyone could promote their professional and everyday skills and get promoted by friends and colleagues?

Allie surrounded herself with a team of professionals and together they transformed this dream into an online skills, jobs & referrals marketplace,

ZippyCrowd does exactly that: connects people through skills and friends’ referrals making it easy for everyone to stand out with their skills, talents, hobbies, be promoted by friends and find the right people for any service one may need.

Why hire a stranger when you can hire a friend!

Stand out with ZippyCrowd!

 Find top people. Do great jobs. Get best referrals.

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