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We built ZippyCrowd to help you grow your business through the power of your community, not the size of your marketing budget. Unlocking credible recommendations  for you, your business and your people.

Connecting people, empowering small businesses

At ZippyCrowd, our goal is to grow local businesses and empower good hard-working people behind small local businesses. To do this, we are building a business community and service recommendation platform to grow business, build up loyal customer base, and engage with customer communities.

Our vision – which will take years to realize – is to build a reputation based service discovery platform that will shape the world of work and small business, bringing to it more trust and empathy.

The road ahead is not an easy one. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for people from all walks of life to help us make impossible possible. Those with grit and courage, who are not scared to challenge the status quo, who are not waiting for permission to implement good ideas, who are OK with things when they are not 100% perfect, but determined to get them better bit by bit every day.

We are one team of passionate leaders, learners and doers, committed to growing and empowering a more diverse and inclusive community. We’re in this together, sharing both success and failure. We focus on innovation and solutions, and are intentional about creating a high-accountability, no-blame culture.

We’re a startup, and things may not be perfect, but we are committed.

Current opportunities 

Head of Growth / Business Partner

Head of Product / Business Partner

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Behind every business is a person, a family, a community that matter.

We are on a mission to bring more trust into the online world of work, unlocking credible recommendations from friends – for you, your business and your people.