“The beauty of ZippyCrowd is its humanity…” 

said everyone…

Why work with us 🙌?

We’re a team of passionate humans from Australia, Sri Lanka and Brazil, cracking the code of trusted relationships.

Our journey started a few years ago, when we set out to digitize the good old word-of-mouth, helping everyone easily find and share recommendations for their favorite people. It seemed like a simple task (ha!), but ended up being an epic journey.

We are re-imagining the digital world of meaningful relationships, building the online community of trust, and looking for the ways  to capture, map and organize online all those wonderful people we come across in real life.

We’re a startup, and things may not be perfect, but we’re committed. Here is to cracking the code of human relationships together.

What role will you play?  👀

Opportunities with us 🙌

We have a few openings: 

💜 Head of Product Commercialization / CPO

💜 Social Media / Community Manager

💜 Interns who enjoy new tech and social


You’re in good company

The real people, best service providers and local business operators
get recommended with ZippyCrowd.